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William Gandy

front-end interactive graphic design, html, javascript, css animation, marketing, branding, copywriting

Frameworks, Full Disclosure and Accountability

Yes, I'm an HTML, CSS and Javascript coder.

That being said, however, I must confess that like a majority of coders in the industry - I also "cheat" sometimes.

So what exactly do I mean by "cheat sometimes"?

Well, it would be great if I could brag that I have created every single one of my client's sites that I've designed from scratch. But I can't. Besides, one can easily check any website's code to see if this is true, unless the coders choose to obfuscate the code. In the interests of not adding another layer of complexity I have chosen not to obfuscate. That could be construed as cheating!

Yes, I have coded a multitude of websites from scratch. However, in many cases, due to budgetary or time constraints, at times I have also used well documented, responsive grid system frame-works such as Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, ZURB Foundation, Mobirise and others to deliver web solutions to my clients.

And yes, I have even used Wix to create sites for clients who wanted to maintain their own sites content, but were not code-savvy enough to use WordPress.

I also have also resorted to such measures, so that my clients would not be surgically "tied-to-the-hip" to me forever.

surgically "tied-to-the-hip"? No Way!

In addition, I have and still use jQuery. Why? Sometimes, it's because of browser compatibility issues. Sometimes it's because clients want to utilize the latest features, gadgets and cool innovations, based upon certain needs and different features they have requested.

Does this make any of my web solutions any less reliable or useful? No. Does this make me any less of a coder? No.

I still have to write, modify, cajole and wrestle HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery into submission. Just like a majority of designers and coders in the industry do. As well as creating graphics, writing content for my users and managing, coordinating and scheduling with clients, departments, teams, administrative staff and CEO's. Just like many other designers and coders in the industry do.

The good news is there are many advantages to using off-the-shelf frameworks for delivering websites to clients on time and on-budget. In fact, utilizing such off-the-shelf components has made it easier for my clients in cases where I may not be the only coder that works with a client. In many cases, using standardized frame-works, allows clients to migrate contractors and different coders in the future.

By using such time-saving measures, I save my clients money, which keeps them happy and provides real-world incentives for them to continue using my services in the future. Or as they say: a win-win for all!

Because We Don't live in a perfect world

So there you have it. As I said, I would love to say that I have coded all of my web design solutions from scratch. However, I cannot in all honesty make such a statement.

Instead, I can honestly and proudly state that I have delivered to my clients a mixture of quality, service, reliability and maintainability for all of the web services I have provided. As well as completing my tasks on-time, on-budget and with an overwhelming sense of customer satisfaction.

And yes, I can code websites from scratch. But because of time and budget constraints, many times that is not in the best interests of my clients. And after all, I work for my clients. Not the other way around

In the interests of being forthright and in the interests full-transparency, and the fact that we don't live in a perfect world, I feel it necessary to be frank and honest with prospects, clients and fellow coders.

In other words, I thought you'd want to know.


William Gandy